Wednesday, August 8, 2018

My Other Family

Nearly ten years ago I met this dear Czech friend at a coffee shop she owned in our town back then.

She came to faith in Jesus years ago and loves Him so much! Walking with Him through the deepest storms and the greatest joys, she trusts and follows Him with all her heart. It's always a joy, blessing and encouragement to talk about spiritual things when we're together.

Her daughter is now eight years old; I've literally known her since the day she was born!

And she is a delight! Darling, clever, adorable, artistic and musical she is a very special girl. I know the Lord has beautiful plans for her life (as well as for her 17 year old brother who was at work today, so I missed seeing him).

Thank you Ingrid and Anni for such a sweet visit in your home today.

You are family!

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