Saturday, August 11, 2018

Almost Wedding Time!

Arriving at the beautiful outdoor venue of my niece's wedding an hour before the ceremony, I caught some very sweet family moments as they gathered for photos.

That's Kyrie with her three siblings, my other niece and two nephews.

And her dad, David, with one of their granddaughter's on his lap as he read through his notes for the ceremony.

Kyrie's bridesmaids were so lovely on this summer evening!

Made up of childhood, high school and college friends, as well as her sister and sister-in-law, these pretty women glowed as they posed for pictures.

Next up were the proud parents of Kyrie and Jacob!

As more photos were taken, I caught this off to the side - a kind uncle, Kyrie's oldest brother, entertaining his nieces!

Kyrie was the most glowing bride with her soon-to-be husband by her side, along with her mom and dad.

In her bouquet, she's carrying sunflowers that were grown in the family garden all summer in preparation for this moment!

It could hardly have been a more beautiful setting for this happy occasion!

With guests starting to arrive for the 7 PM wedding, they captured just a few more beautiful photos.

And then it was time for the bride to be whisked inside to prepare for her entrance...

But not before I captured this one of Kyrie with her sister, Kerith, her matron of honor!

I had the joy of being the greeter as people walked down from the street into this lovely backyard.

Soon the wedding would begin, and the wedding party would make their entrance down those stairs on the right.

With all the guests now seated, I took my place behind the mother of the bride, and quickly captured a picture of my friend, Jerri and her husband, Jay, in the warm summer evening glow of Kyrie and Jacob's wedding day.

Now the bride and groom can arrive!

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