Thursday, August 30, 2018

Morning in Stari Grad

With just a couple of days left before the end of vacation, Dave and I headed over to Stari Grad this morning to run a few errands.

In this town that celebrated its 2400th birthday last year (hard to comprehend 🤩), there is a picture perfect moment around every corner.

I saw this guy coming on his motorbike and wondered if there was any chance he'd stop. He did!

Hope he doesn't mind that I took his picture. 😅 I bet he just came in from his fishing boat.

There are 2800 people who live in this town, but you'd never know it while walking these tiny back streets! They're always so quiet, with few people coming and going who actually look like they live there.

It's equally as pretty in Stari Grad out at water's edge, on the "riva", as they call it.

Now that school is about to start across Europe, the tourist crowd is thinning around here. Makes for pretty pictures at mid morning!

Each time we come to Hvar, it has something unique to offer us. And this time it was quiet, solitude, peace and rest.

With a full fall schedule coming, I feel deeply thankful to the Lord for appointing this time away so perfectly for us. He knew what we needed better than we did.

I'm leaving rested, full of his presence, and ready for his next adventures for us!

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  1. I LOVE Stari Grad! Isn't that where I bought the cute white and navy blue striped jumpsuit thing?! And your hat! And....the best coffee place. Is it still there?! Love the picture of you in your beautiful floral dress. I can hardly wait until I get to be there with you again!!!