Monday, August 6, 2018

Frýdlant Life

If you come to our little town of Frýdlant n.O., a stop here is a must!

"Cukrárna pod Lysou" is a family owned sweet shop in our town, with so many delectable looking items.

While you might be tempted by some of their cakes, chocolates or gelato, there is only one reason I stop there.

It's their soft serve ice cream that is positively the best I've ever had.

Anywhere. 😁

And that's a promise!

At $0.75 (17 Kc) for a small, or $1.08 (24 Kc) for a large, you're in for a huge treat when you stop by for this creamy, icy treat.

They've always got vanilla, and then a second flavor that changes every couple of days. You can get vanilla by itself, the flavor of the day by itself (which happened to be watermelon today), or you can get them mixed.

I recommend the mix!

Today was our friend, Kaci's, last day visiting after finishing up her JV summer internship. It might have been just 10:30 in the morning, but when is it ever too early for ice cream??!!

"Thank you for serving with JV this summer Kaci! Thank you for coming to visit Claire! And thank you for giving us a reason to stop by and share one of our specialties of Frýdlant with you today!"

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