Saturday, August 11, 2018

Getting Ready for a Wedding

This morning dawned bright and beautiful here in Denver, Colorado.

Here for my niece, Kyrie's wedding this week-end, I'm staying with my dear friend of 34 years, Jerri. We met in the back seat of a car all those years ago, talking as we rode from Portland to Denver for three weeks of training with Malachi Singers, a ministry to the dependents of American military stationed in Europe.

She and I have been talking ever since!

After a morning at her home we headed over to my mother and father in-law's house for lunch.

Thirty four years ago, Jerri and I met Dick and Margaret as we stayed in their home near Heidelberg, Germany. Who would have ever imagined then that I'd keep coming to their home for 34 years, with 31 of those as their daughter-in-law?!

Another niece, Becca, who grew up in Slovenia with her family, is also here for the wedding from Washington state where she's been working this summer. Now that she's in college I don't get to see her often so it was a huge treat to catch up with her!

We are Patty women from three different Patty families!

My brother-in-law, Steve, also came for the wedding so we had to get a picture of this assortment of Patty's all in one place!

After a wonderful lunch, Jerri and I headed on to Starbucks for a special order at the drive-through.

That order was for the mother of the bride!!!

We stopped by to see Joyce, my sister-in-law, before the wedding this evening. It was the sweetest moment with her in the midst of a huge day for their family.

From there we headed over to the wedding venue, the lovely backyard of friends who are hosting the wedding tonight.

Kyrie has dreamed of an outdoor wedding for years, wishing for a beautiful evening sunset to grace her wedding day. It sure looks like the Lord answered those dreams and prayers!

It's going to be a beautiful event here, and Jerri and I are ready to go!

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