Friday, August 31, 2018

Arrival on Hvar

After a day of cleaning, packing and preparing the house for the next guests, it was satisfying to stand here at the entry tonight knowing everything was in its place.

We'll head towards home tomorrow morning, but not until we've spent a little time with those who are coming here after us. 😉

Just after 11 PM, after these people had been traveling for seventeen hours, their car pulled into the driveway.

And look who was in the car!

Two sleeping grandsons, who had driven down from Czech with their parents!

Lara took Asher out of his car seat to get him tucked into bed, and Tyler did the same with Judah, who never even knew he was being transferred from one sleeping place to another!

Up the stairs they headed to spend their first night of vacation.

So glad we get to see them all for a few hours in the morning before we leave!

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