Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Playdate and Fancy Fries

After a phone call and change of plans this morning, I hopped in the car and headed down towards Frýdlant.

This is the summer of road construction in our town, so there's a temporary stoplight (which is the only one in town! We don't normally have a permanent one) that I wait at multiple times a day before heading onto the main road, which is one-way right now.

At least I had good company with me! 😁

Yesterday Tyler texted me saying that Judah told him, "Need go Nonnie's house today".  I was going to happily oblige by having them come out to our house for dinner tonight.

But when car troubles kept them from driving today, I said I could come in to Ostrava for a play date instead.

And bring Kaylee with me since she's much loved by the boys!

I wasn't there two minutes when Kaylee found her spot to lay down under a chair.

And the boys quickly went after her! 😂

She's really a good sport about it, and doesn't mind getting up again, and again, to be played with.

Oh these sweet boys...how fun to hang out here for an afternoon with them!

Asher eventually went down for a nap, which left Nonnie all to Judah's self.

Would you believe we played on the floor, for more than an hour, with just these little horses and their barn? His imagination has no end!

A little note to Great-Aunty Kristi...AWESOME gift for the boys!!!

Though the heat wave continues outside, Judah and I decided to take a little walk through Ostrava later in the afternoon.

Judah already shares my love for...

Fancy Fries!

This is a recently developed concept that originated right here in Ostrava! While they now have other locations across the country, it started right here, in this humble spot downtown.

Their vision is to "produce great French fries and homemade dips from fresh and local raw materials of the highest quality." They write on their website, "we believe that even a simple thing like fries can be a great food when it invests the right amount of energy and time. Our goal is to create quality fast food snacks with a simple and sophisticated offer."

Let me say...they TOTALLY deliver on this vision! They slice and fry the potatoes right there in front of you, serving them up in very clever packaging with a variety of dips that are fantastic.

And look who came to meet us at Fancy Fries?!

Claire had just arrived back to Ostrava from taking her friend to Prague, so surprised Judah by being here when we came to pick up fries to take back to his house for everyone.

If you come to see me here in Ostrava, I will most definitely bring you here!!

I meant to take a photo of this moment, but did a one second video instead. At least I caught the expression of Judah that is the sentiment we all feel while waiting for our Fancy Fries! 😂

We headed back over to Tyler and Lara's apartment and enjoyed a round of fries together on this very hot afternoon.

Good thing Asher was up from his nap! Who would want to miss Fancy Fries??

What a fun, impromptu afternoon of joy getting to hang out with family!

A few fries might have fallen on the ground for a certain someone to enjoy them too. 😂

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