Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Unsolved Mystery

Last week when Dave and I were headed from Hvar to the island of Lastovo in our boat, we went by this tiny island. Did you know there are 1244 island in Croatia?! Though only 48 of them are inhabitable.

This one is definitely not one of them.

We were heading away from it when Dave spotted something and decided to turn around. Do you see what he saw?

There, on the top of this rock, with seemingly no possible life on it...were three goats!

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes!

We put the motor in neutral and rocked up and down in our boat for a while, looking and looking to see if they were real...and they were! But there is absolutely no sign of vegetation or habitation, save that structure they're next to.

We puzzled and puzzled over how they got there, and how they survive. I've tried to search for this rock on Google maps and Google Earth, but can't see it, though it's near "Hrid Pod Mrčaru", if you happen to want to search for it!

I've looked and looked, Googled and Googled, trying to find the name and any info about it. I want to know how those goats got there! But alas, my sleuthing skills are not producing the results I'd like for this puzzle.

So for now, it will just have to remain one of those unsolved mysteries!

Update a few days later: Dave says this IS the island "Pod Mrčaru"; but as for the goats, we still have no idea how they got there or exist with little vegetation!

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  1. Maybe it's called "Three Goat Island" so they always need to keeps goats out there!