Monday, August 27, 2018

Happy Birthday Charlie! 🎉

The photo may be a bit grainy, but the subject of it is extra cute and very precious to us!!

Our grandson, Charlie, celebrated his 1st birthday on August 25th! We got to sing to him and wish him happy birthday from Croatia as he sat still for just a few minutes before going back to toddling around the apartment where he's living with his mom and dad right now. He's a bundle of delightful curiosity these days!

He and his parents are in North Carolina right now, at missionary training for a month. So Charlie got to celebrate his first birthday with kids just like him, who are about ready to head to the mission field with their families for the first time.

They'll finish at the end of this week and head back to Colorado for just ten days before they leave for their new life Albania!

We're so delighted by this little fellow, and his zest for life! His sweet face, joyful grins, generous spirit and warm personality makes him oh so lovable.

We're excited that his parents are following the Lord to serve with JV in Albania. It not only means that he gets to live a life full of adventures in faith and trust in the Lord, but we'll get to see him a little bit more often on our side of the ocean!

Happy Birthday dear Charlie!!

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  1. So love that we share in the joy and blessing with you and Dave of being grandparents to precious Charlie!!!!