Tuesday, July 31, 2018

On A Summer's Night

After being gone most of the day, I arrived back home with just a little bit of daylight left in the sky.

A certain little somebody was much in need of a walk after her boring day at home, and I was happy to oblige her on this warm, summer evening.

As I walked our regular route up to the little local airport, I felt like I was having a private showing at an art gallery!

The sunset was long, slow and so absolutely magnificent.

Can you see the lone star that was out, over the mountain? Maybe it's a planet, I don't know; but it was so pretty!

My only regret in walking was not having anyone to share this glorious evening view with!

Kaylee was happy to linger on the road, in no hurry herself to get back home. So we walked slowly back, catching a last glimpse of the sunset on this last day of July.

By the time we headed back towards home, it was almost dark but I still managed to capture a picture of our house, across the field.

Technically you could cut across which would be much quicker. But the field belongs to our neighbor so I never do that.

Instead I enjoyed a few minutes more of walking back in the quiet of the evening, enjoying that glorious feeling of being out at twilight on a summer's night!

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  1. I recently downloaded an app called SkyView. When you have it open on your iphone you can point it toward the star or planet you are looking at and see the name or constallation. Not sure if it's available in Europe but it's really cool to see what you are actually looking at during the night sky.