Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our Sweet Hayley

It's a season of good-byes to an era of life, and to precious friends, as they head for college in the US.

Hayley Ellenwood, and her family, moved here to the Czech Republic to serve with Josiah Venture when she was four and Claire was three.

It wasn't long before these two began a special friendship that has now lasted fifteen years.

We have countless photos of Claire and Hayley together, always smiling, always enjoying each other and whoever else is around. Such precious friends all these years!

But now a new era of life is coming for Claire and Hayley.

Amazingly, the Lord has led both of them to the Chicago area for college so their sweet friendship will have more chapters in it.

But for her mom and I, it's the end of an era of sharing our daughters and friendship between us all.

I have loved this girl since she was small, and still love her today...even more! She has spent countless hours at our house, in my kitchen with me, talking, laughing, and sharing in life. Oh how I will miss her!!

This is definitely a new era for Amy and I. Glad we have each other to lean on as we move into a new season of life without our girls at home.

I couldn't be more thankful to the Lord that for Claire and Hayley, life continues on together.

They'll have their own worlds during their college years, but only be 45 minutes away from each other, to share in a laugh, a hug, or a tear...though probably it will often be laughter, as that's just part of the joy of their friendship! :)

Hayley leaves for Chicago this Monday, so this was my last photo of her in Czech, and our goodbye for now.

Thankfully it's just a "See you later" to our sweet Hayley!

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