Monday, June 10, 2013

Joining JV

With 210 on our Josiah Venture team, there are another 40 who are in the process of raising support to join us in Central and Eastern Europe. I want to introduce you to a couple of them.

We first met Korban and Tanya Miller in 2003. They're the kind of people you love from the first moment you meet them. We've seen, and enjoyed them, many times over the years. And I've written about them on my blog. See HERE for part of their story.

Never did we imagine ten years ago, that one day God would call them to serve with JV!

They have an excellent video that tells their story of how and why they are in the process of moving to Poland to join our team there. I love the description of it on the You Tube page. I think it captures what many of our JV staff have felt as they headed down this road of faith to serve here:

"People keep asking, are you really going to Poland? Why? We wish it was an easier question to answer. Maybe this video will help. We don't really know all the reasons why we're going, we simply believe we're supposed to. Give us a couple years and I bet we can give everyone a much better answer."

Enjoy "meeting" the Miller's through their video!

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