Monday, June 3, 2013

Leading Worship Together

For the past eight years, one of our children has had the joy, and privilege, of leading worship at our church in Frýdlant. When Tyler led throughout his high school years, Caleb, Claire and I played and sang with him. When he left, Caleb took over as leader, and still, Claire and I played and sang for three years.

Then Caleb left and it was just Claire and I!

Continuing in the tradition, Claire has been the worship leader this past year, and I've been in my slot, playing keyboard. It's been a joy to serve with my kids in this way.

Yesterday, Tyler and Lara were able to be with us at church - the only Sunday that they'll be on this side of the country and able to attend (they're serving on the other side of Czech this summer, leading a JV intern team).

Not only were they able to be there and share about what they're doing this summer, but Tyler was able to join Claire and I on our last Sunday of leading worship together.

During worship, I was fully able to focus on the Lord and enjoy His presence and the words of the songs we chose for our last time.

But I'll be honest...earlier while we were practicing at home, I choked up more than once as I listened to those familiar sounds...Tyler playing guitar, Claire singing, Caleb somewhere in the not so distant past being with us too as we worshiped together.

I know it's not "The End"...we'll have other times like this somewhere in the future (at least I pray so).

But for right now, it made me sad to think that these precious days of having kids at home and getting to lead worship together, are over. Maybe the Lord will surprise me and let there be other times to lead together.

Or maybe this was just a precious season that is now at its end.

Whatever the case, my heart overflows with joy for having had this privilege for eight years.

Jonny (friend, teacher at BMA and worship leader coordinator at church) did a beautiful job of honoring Claire and Lucy (who was on one of our worship teams) for their service of leadership and worship at church. It's been awesome to be in a church where it's been possible for our kids to serve in this way. I love that about our church!

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