Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer at Gull Lake

Since I mentioned Caleb and Haley yesterday after her parents and grandparents were here, I realized I haven't given an update on what they are doing this summer!

Both are on staff at Gull Lake Ministries in Michigan.

Caleb worked there last summer, and Dave has spoken there three different years (and will be back in summer 2014 in case you're interested!).

We are crazy about this ministry - love what they do, who they are, and what they seek to accomplish in their summer family camps. This is seriously an awesome place to spend a week with your family!

On staff with these wonderful people, Caleb is leading worship, and Haley works with the kid's program.

This group will give their all, working long hours for weeks on end. And bless a whole lot of people throughout the summer.

First camp starts this Saturday. YAY for Gull Lake!!!

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