Monday, June 24, 2013

GLM Weekend

Look who Dave got to be with at Gull Lake Ministries this week-end!

After finishing his JV board meeting in Chicago, he drove up to Michigan on Saturday so he could see these two who are serving at Gull Lake this summer.

Oh and by the way...for the summer, they're not Caleb and Haley but "Czechy Cheese" and "Mello Yellow"! Every Gull Lake staffer gets a fun name that they keep no matter how long they serve at Gull Lake. It's a great ice breaker at a meal when you're being served by one of these awesome summer staff.

"So...why were you named Czechy Cheese???"

Dave leaves this morning to drive back down to Chicago, turn in his rental car, and get on a plane to head home to "Czechy"! HA!!

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