Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rainy Day, Sick Day

If there ever was a day when it feels right to stay inside because you're sick, it's today.

Last night I came down with a touch of something...virus, food poisoning, or ? Not sure what, but it's kept me down all day today.

But in the spirit of capturing real life, I sent Claire outside to take some pictures for me on this rainy, cool, cloudy summer day.

Though I'm inside, I actually love a day like this. The "not feeling great" part is not so fun. But the coolness of the day, the brilliant green outside the window, and the coziness of curling up under a blanket inside makes it a good day.

Over the years we've tried growing a garden at our house. And while I know it's possible here because I see others having one, it just never worked well for us (despite the fact that Dave is actually a great gardener!).

One of our favorite family sayings is "We know how to grow green things really well", as evidenced by the photo above.

That just doesn't necessarily mean edible green things though!

What we DO have is some pretty green grass growing nice and strong in our yard!

Even Kaylee hasn't really wanted to venture outside into the rain much today. Instead she's just chosen to sit contentedly on the doorstep out back. It's that kind of a day.

Glad I didn't have to be anywhere today, but could enjoy a rainy, sick day inside.

**Thanks for the pretty photos Claire!**

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