Saturday, June 29, 2013

Special Favor

Since sunny summer days are not necessarily the norm around here, we take advantage of them when they're here.

While our yard's looking good after a day's work outside, one of the things Dave did was a special favor to Claire and I.

And to every hiker who passes nearby our house on their way up to Lysá Hora.

One of the main trails up the mountain (which includes both roads and paths) goes in front of our house, and on down to a pathway where no cars are allowed.

It's ideal for all those who pass by, and one of our favorite places to walk.

Trouble is, it doesn't really "belong" to anyone, and therefore a big section of it gets overgrown during the summer making it not as pleasant to walk on.

 Enter my willing husband who answered Claire's and my plea for help!

While the first section of the path is cared for by the neighbor who lives to the side of it, I've never seen anyone go on down the rest of the path to clear it. We must've been quite the sight heading down there, Dave with his goggles on and string trimmer in hand.

But he got the job done. And it sure brought smiles to his favorite girls' faces!

It definitely makes walking there a WHOLE LOT easier now!

Dave said hikers thanked him as they were walking by while he was working.

It's nice to do that favor for everyone who'll be on the path this summer!

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  1. Love this! Glad you posted about it, so we remember! :)