Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Friends Who Invested

Meet Jim and Barbara Brewster, along with their grandson, Andy.

They were here for a visit with us a few days this week.

I've known them since 1980, when they were my college/career Sunday school teachers, shortly after I trusted Christ.

Though mostly from afar as they now live in New Brunswick, Canada, all these years they've been investing in and caring about me and our family.

But perhaps one of their most significant investments was in two years of prayer, thirty years ago.

In their words, "We didn't meddle, we just prayed...that God would bring the two of you together!"

While at Bible college, Dave was an intern at the church we all went to, so they got to know both of us, though Dave and I didn't know each other well (I was away at university and only came home a week-end a month, and for the summer).

But somehow Jim and Barbara saw something that made them pray for us.

Sure glad they did. After two years of prayer, I spent a summer on a traveling evangelism team in Germany that Dave was the leader of.

And the rest is history!

Thanks for the prayers...and for the visit Jim and Barbara!

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  1. So good to see Jim and Barbara. Spent several years doing waterski camps with them. He taught me to drive his boat and tried to teach me to slalom. They both have such huge servant's hearts. Jim saw something in me and told our good friend Jim Laxson who shared it with me and it meant a lot to me.