Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sending Her Off

This whole "sending my last child off to college" business keeps getting more real by the day.

Earlier this week, Claire and I were immersed in yet another set of forms that must be filled out before she arrives on campus in August.

And a few days ago she found out which dorm she'll live in and who her roommate will be.

It's happening. It really is! There are days when it seems far we'll always be together in the kitchen cooking up something.

And then there are days when I think..."If I blink, she'll be gone".

But we're making the most of these days, and I'm doing what I can to make this transition to life in the US, and life at college, a little bit sweeter for her...and for me!

Today's item of "sending Claire off well"?

Stocking up on the Czech honey that she loves so much!

This is the real deal..."honest to goodness" homemade honey that we discovered at the Farmer's Market last year.

And something that will make every cup of tea in her dorm room feel more familiar!

We headed into Ostrava this morning...Claire, our new friend, Eugenia, and I. Oh how we love that farmer's market. So much fresh, wonderful goodness in that mall parking lot!

It's probably safe to say we made the man's day when we bought all this honey. And even more so when Claire told him she was moving to States soon and needed to bring his Czech honey with her!

I love the thought of Claire sitting in her dorm room with these jars, having a taste of home.

It will make her feel happy. And it will make her mama happy.

We're going to get through this spoonful of honey at a time!

PS. She won't keep it all for herself! :) I'm sure her brothers will be getting a jar or two.


  1. Finally, a bit of borrowed internet! I'll miss meeting you at the farmers market at least once during the season for coffee. Maybe we'll meet up in Prague! :) Blessings to you during these next few months. Miss you already!

  2. Connie,

    I love the relationship that you and Claire share. I hope to have a similar relationship with my daughters as they grow up.