Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet the (Grand) Parents

When Caleb chose Haley and proposed to her, we didn't just gain a future daughter-in-law, we gained a whole, wonderful family along with her!

For more than twenty years (sometime we really need to figure out how long it's been!), we've known Mark and Amy Chase, Haley's parents. Through the years they served at Faith EV Free in Ft. Collins (one of our dear supporting church families) til now as they're serving with Josiah Venture in Slovakia, we've had a special friendship with their whole family.

Yesterday, we finally got to meet more of their family: Amy's parents, Ray and Susan! So very fun to spend a family evening together!

I handed off the camera to Ian, Gavin and Mark to take pictures of our special evening together. I should do this more's fun to get someone else's "eye" on an occasion. Thanks guys for documenting it for me!

Gavin (above) and Ian (below) are Haley's brothers...some of the bravest young men I know! They moved here to serve alongside their parents in Bratislava, Slovakia, and attend Slovak school.

It's one thing to bring young kids onto the mission field and put them in school from kindergarten on. It's another thing to bring your teenagers and put them into school when they don't speak the language! These guys have been toughing it out (of course there have been hard days), and flourishing (but there have been A LOT of good days too!), in Slovak school this past year.

I don't know who I become to them as the mother-in-law of their sister, but I feel like a proud aunt, once again, watching these young men walk with courage and faith in their new setting. Way to go Ian and Gavin!!

In the midst of what surely must've been the hottest day of the year thus far, it was so fun to spend part of our evening out on the patio, enjoying good conversation and the beauty of our surroundings.

I can't believe that God moved my dear friend Amy halfway around the world to where I live!! It is ever so fun to have her in my kitchen!

Haley's dad, Mark, former worship pastor at Faith EV Free and gifted musician, is giving himself and his talents to starting the Fusion ministry in Bratislava. They'll be doing several camps this summer to reach students in Slovakia with the Gospel.

 There is nothing so sweet as to share a summer evening dinner on the patio with FAMILY!

Or share some good laughter! What a good, rich, delightful evening it was with our family.

Caleb and Haley, Allyson, Dave...we missed you all! Caleb and Haley are working in Michigan this summer at Gull Lake Ministries, Allyson (Haley's sister) is working in Chicago, and Dave is there for JV board meetings this week!

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  1. We're friends with Amy and Mark. So fun to see your blog and see how God is providing you with great fellowship. What a wonderful family we all belong to!