Monday, June 17, 2013

Dad of the Day

Celebrating Father's Day yesterday included the usual...

...a sweet picture of dad and his girl out in the yard, freshly mowed, with the bench back in place for the summer.

A nice picture in the birch trees with his "other girl"!

And thing led to another.

Commence the silly!

It was one of those rare summer evenings where the light is right and you just can't help but keep on clicking!

I love these two and all their goofy faces! So...

...why not join in the fun?

I try...I really do! My kids laugh at me for my goofy faces. But you know...still gotta give it a try!

Awww...back to our more normal selves! :)

After dinner outside on the patio (seriously...this is a RARE occasion here, where the weather is good enough for an evening outside...such a blessing to have it happen on Father's Day!), two surprises came in for the dad of the day at our house.

Modern just gotta love it! FaceTime with Caleb in Michigan, and Tyler and Lara in Liberec, Czech Republic! What a gift to share some moments together, celebrating Dave on Father's Day.

Claire's post about our evening is extra special. For sure you'll enjoy reading it HERE!!

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