Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Storm

After a wonderfully full, and HOT, day around here, Claire and I made dinner together tonight and were just starting to eat when we caught a glimpse of this outside.

The air was so hot and heavy, and you could literally feel the storm rushing in.

And yet...look at what it looked like out the other side of the house. At the same time as the front was all dark and ominous, you can see what was through the doorway.

I've never seen anything like that! Those two pictures above were literally taken just minutes apart from each other.

To the right, dark and stormy with a bit of clearing in the sky to provide that kind of sunset.

And to the left, blue sky and white clouds. So weird.

And so wonderful!

Soon the raindrops started, the wind picked up and temperature began to drop.

A summer storm!

See the raindrops on the sidewalk?

Claire is a summer rainstorm lover if I ever saw one! She couldn't resist going out to stand in, and enjoy, the rain.

You can see where Kaylee and I are. On the porch, staying dry!

The storm (complete with lightening and thunder) soon passed and we headed back inside.

But I'm glad we stopped to take in the summer storm while it lasted!

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  1. I think Claire just earned a nickname...I will call her "Lightening Rod" in honor of her penchant for standing outside in the yard during a lightening storm! Ha, ha! Stay safe Claire.