Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dad and Daughter Trip

Yesterday morning, Dave left on a special trip with Claire and her dear friend, Hayley.

It's his "When you graduate from high school you get to go somewhere just with dad" trip!

He took both Tyler and Caleb backpacking in the Alps for five days. But that's not on the agenda for this trip with the girls. They are "road trippin'"!

Do you know about "Snapchat"? It's a fun way to send photos through the internet. You can only see them for about 8 seconds so if you want to keep them, you have to be good at quickly taking a screenshot! The "3" in the upper right hand corner is telling me I only have three seconds to take a picture of the picture!

We're buried under a cloud here in Frydlant and getting lots of rain. Prague, and other parts of Europe are flooding. So the significance of the pictures sky DOES exist somewhere in Europe! Glad they found it.

They only had internet until they got to the border of Czech and Germany so these are the last photos before they crossed over!

They're setting up the tent and camping in Switzerland for two nights. Hope they'll find wifi somewhere along the way to send pictures of what it looks like there!

Then it's off to Italy!

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