Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Boy's Dream Day

If only our boys were home...and still little! It would've been a "dream come true" day because this is what we woke up to this morning.

 Yes, a nice yellow digger, and a whole bunch of men in our yard.

Just happened to be looking outside when this nice worker stopped to say hello to Kaylee. You know someone is nice when they stop to pet the little dog at the worksite!

For the past nine years we've heated with propane gas...from a tank that gets filled by a truck. There are no gas lines to our house so when we built our house we opted for a tank to be put in the ground to provide us with heat.

The company that has filled our tank has become increasingly difficult (and expensive) to work with over the years. Some people are in the midst of lawsuits with them over their work ethic and business practices.

We didn't want to go that way. Instead, our way of dealing with it is to remove their tank and put in another one.

So today was tank removal, and tank installation day!

I'm so bummed I missed the moment when they lifted this big bad boy out of the ground and placed it out front! 

From faraway, you see just how big that thing is in between the house and the woodpile!

I came back from a walk in the evening to find Dave down there in the hole! I'm pretty sure that's where Caleb and Tyler would've been if they were here...about nine years ago! :)

The nice man with the digger stayed through this evening and put all that dirt back, with the new tank settled into its spot underneath.

It's a bit of a mess (and I know whose paws will be dirty for quite a while before the grass grows back!). But at least it was done in a day.


  1. Wow! i didn't even notice that they got it done today!

  2. Ha ha @claire! I think that's funny that you didn't!

  3. So awesome...I love big equipment and digging in dirt! Remember those heavy equipment videos that were popular when the boys were little? I used to love them as much as the kids!