Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Now Arriving on Track 4

Took another trip to our most often visited train station this evening.

On this chilly, rainy, gray evening, Claire and I were there to pick up a super important person, arriving on that train coming in just down the track.

I wonder if the train conductor knows just who he's carrying on his train??

HA HA!! Yep, a most important person in our lives!

Dave's only been gone ten days, but oh how good it feels to have him home again.

This has been a busy year of traveling for him, so it's probably the accumulative effect of it all that makes another homecoming, among so many, this meaningful.

Claire laughed when she saw this last picture I snapped as we walked out of the station.

"Is this what our backwards pictures have come to??"

You'll have to click HERE to see what she means! :)

"Glad you're home Dave!"

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