Friday, June 28, 2013

Cool Summer Walks

Within one week we've gone from the hottest days -- over 90 degrees and suffocating.

To the coolest -- low 50's and chilly.

Ah well...doesn't stop us from taking our walks and enjoying the beauty around us no matter what!

We took a different route and happened onto this abandoned hangar up by our little airport.

 Claire's good eye found that reflection in the cool!

On days like this, the distinctive colors of this region can really be seen...the vibrant greens and misty blues. Those colors will forever characterize our little valley.

To Claire's left is the airport runway...yes, it's a grassy runway! And perfect for walking on (when there aren't any planes landing or taking off!)

 Like most dogs, Kaylee loves nothing more than a good walk with her people.

Until she decides she's had enough! Oh how she cracks us up when she starts jumping up on us as if to say, "I've had enough now. Please carry me the rest of the way".

Silly girl! She gets a little paw holding and a pat on the head before we tell her to get going again.

Sure love my walks with these two!

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