Saturday, January 25, 2014


From the home where we're staying here in Jackson, Wyoming, with this as my view today...

I typed the last words in my first book this afternoon.

Two hundred and twenty three pages, ninety thousand, one hundred and forty nine words later...


I haven't been well this week...three days of a migraine, two sleepless nights, pain that seems like it's coming from a pinched nerve in my neck (I have an MRI tomorrow after visits to the doctor here in Jackson already - this has actually been going on for over six months so it's time to figure out what's going on) I wrote while in bed today.

Yet still! The Lord gave me the words and strength to finish this project.

Of course it's not "done"... there is much more work before it's actually in print. But oh wow!!! It feels so amazing to have the first draft finished.

What did I write???

Well, it wasn't what I expected. I had three other projects in mind. But while we were in New Hampshire back in the fall the Lord simply said to me:

“I want you to write this story because it’s the foundation.”

It’s actually my story: how God took me from a small town in Oregon, to serve him for thirty years in Europe.

Along the way, he taught me what it means to:
    listen to his voice, 
    follow him in the dark, 
    trust in his faithfulness, 
    obey his Word,
    walk through suffering,
    pray without ceasing 
    and to give thanks in all things. 

Throughout these years I drew strength from the inspiration of missionary women who have gone before me as I read their stories. I pray now that in some small way, my story will be source of encouragement to the next generation of missionary women behind me.

Thanks for praying for me during this season of writing! It's been thrilling, grueling, delightful, hard, thoughtful and meaningful. 

And I have LOVED IT!!!


  1. Mom, I'm SO EXCITED to read the whole book some day!!!!! You always have great stories to tell, and I'm glad other people will get to hear (read!) them. One step closer!

  2. Oh WOW, congratulations on completing the first draft! I'm excited to read it and relive your experiences.

  3. I will look forward to reading this book! The content sounds amazing, especially since in testifies to what the Lord has walked you through and taught you in the process! So glad you are telling the story! Hope you find an answer to your neck pain!

  4. Wow Connie! I can't wait to read it. Blessings on you! I pray they figure something out with your health issues.

  5. so exciting!!! what a great opportunity to recall & record the Lord's faithfulness for future generations of women who will follow in your footsteps!

  6. So, SO proud of you, my dear Connie. You have persevered to cross that finish line and oh, I am certain that God's fingerprints are all over your precious story. I cannot wait to read it!

  7. Congrats! What a topic to be passionate about - the amount of current day missionary biographies are so few, yet so needed to encourage the next generation to serve Him by giving them the true and the practical. Love this.

  8. You already know that I'm celebrating this milestone with you yet had to write it here on your blog to really document my excitement WITH you!!! Pushing through the pain----interesting how that theme that is going on in your body WHILE you are writing is the same theme that is woven through your story. To God be the glory!!!