Friday, January 3, 2014

The Graduate

Even though it's been a few weeks since it happened, I still wanted to officially announce that Tyler has graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago!!

What a great accomplishment that is! We're so proud of him for all his hard work these past four and half years at Bible school. He's put in a lot of hours, not only studying, but managing "Joes", the coffee shop on campus, being a TA (teacher's assistant) for one of the professors, as well as other things like leading worship for chapels and doing youth ministry at Grace Church.

It was a full four and a half years, but I know he'd say that he loved it!

He began a new job downtown Chicago today, working at Intelligentsia Coffee in Old Town, and hopes to enroll at Trinity Seminary this fall to continue his education in Old Testament Theology.

We're excited about what's ahead for he and Lara, and so delighted by how God is working in their lives!

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