Friday, January 24, 2014

Jackson Hole Classical Academy

We had an absolutely delightful and inspiring evening, attending the roll-out event of a new type of school being started in Jackson, Wyoming.

Our dear friends here have been in the process of developing a classical school for the past three years. They have given deeply of their hearts, time and energy to bringing a new style of education to this area.

Starting out small, they have run their school for three years with just a few students. But all that is changing! Last night and tonight they had events in Jackson to share their vision, passion and plan with the town for opening a K-8 classical school.

In partnership with an exceptional and inspiration model in Arizona called "Great Hearts", they plan to open all grades at Jackson Hole Classical Academy in the fall.

Being at their event tonight, where our friends and the leadership from Great Hearts in Arizona shared their hearts and vision for the school, was truly inspiring!! I was ready to sign my kids up! Their model for education is simply one of the best I've heard of.

Parents and townspeople had the opportunity to listen to their vision, as well as interact with them in a Q & A afterward. If I lived here and had kids, I'd be signing them up after this event!

Their desire to see hearts and minds shaped through rigorous, classical, liberal arts education in order to prepare them to be "great hearts" people for the next generation sent shivers down my spine. Oh how I pray that godly leaders will be raised up in this school, and go out to change the world!

We've spent hours with our friends, praying with them for this new venture and all that God has in it for them, for their family, and for the town of Jackson. It was truly a blessing to stand with them tonight and cheer them on! We believe that God is about something even greater than we know here in Jackson.


  1. Although I enjoyed my public education of the 60's and 70's I think this is a terrific idea! I would love to have had a school like this available when I was going through the grades.