Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mountains, Snow, Moose, Beauty

Where do you find those four things in the title?

Wyoming, of course! :)

We arrived here late Sunday night, and are soaking in this new location of our sabbatical, as well as the last days together with Caleb and Claire who are here with us until they head back to Chicago on Saturday.

Out the window of the home we're staying in, I saw this guy this morning.

And we drove by this big guy yesterday, literally wandering down the street we were driving on. Where else does this happen?? Alaska, maybe?

It's definitely a feast for the eyes here, so wild and open and gorgeous.

Yes, it's cold here too, like much of the US. But somehow it's not bitter...especially from the little table where I sit and gaze out!

We're here for a month, focusing on writing again, as well as time with our dear friends who live here.

So excited to spend these days in this part of God's creation!


  1. Oh Connie. A picture really is worth a thousand words! These views are breathtaking! And the moose really does add to the mystique of where you're at! Thanks for posting. Love ya!

  2. Can we go back? I miss this. :)