Friday, January 17, 2014

On Assignment

This is my spot today, and every day, while I'm back to work on my writing project here in Wyoming.

With coffee, water, Bible, computer, kleenex and some cookies to fortify me, I type and delete, type and delete for hours on end.

It helps to have something pretty to look out at now and then as I think and think and think about how to word something so that it communicates what I really want to say.


Many have asked what I'm writing about. That's a long story! While I'm not ready to share the details yet, I will say that writing it is a tremendous amount of work and truly a genuine privilege at the same time.

I really love this process and am energized by the Lord day after day to get it done. 

My body and mind feel the strain of sitting here hour after hour though, composing thoughts into words with the hope that someday this will result in a book that brings blessing and encouragement to others.

Please pray for me! I would so love to have the first draft finished before we leave in February. I won't have another chance to work on writing for several more months, thus the desire to finish the initial draft in these next weeks.

My guess is that I'm about forty pages away from being finished, but honestly, it feels like the end will never come.

However, I know I'm on assignment from the Lord and I will persevere!

You can see why I write with my back to that view...I'd be completely distracted if I sat facing towards it day after day!

While I'd really like to just sit gazing out at the beauty here, I'm going to press on and continue to write, trusting the Lord to give me the words to say that communicate my heart, and the story He's given me to tell.


  1. Praying. And anticipating, with great joy and expectation, the beautiful story and encouragement that will come from the words the Lord has entrusted to your trustworthy heart.

  2. "Pressing forward to the prize that is the end of this high calling from your Lord"

    I'm walking & reading & encouraging two friends from Allume who are writing books at this time. The end is always a steep summit. Will add you to my "book" friends prayers.

    I'd be willing to be a rough draft reader if you'd like. The Allume girls trust each other for encouragement and feedback in this process. The edit & re-write stages are their own journey. Let me know if I can support you in any way.

    Love your view!

  3. I know what you mean about being so close to the end, but not being close to the end (if that makes sense!). I love that you are being disciplined to sit and write. I remember the body aches from so many hours of sitting and writing, which reminds me to suggest that you get massage while you're there!

    And i couldn't help but to notice the person in the blue coat outside your back porch in the open area It looks like you're in the middle of nowhere (sort of) and so I wondered if that was Dave in the snow just blowing off some of the wiggles that he has from a day of writing! Ha! (just kidding!)

    Love you and love that adorable little mug you're drinking out of! It's so "you!!" :o)

  4. Wow, what a lovely spot to write! It looks so peaceful and pretty.

    I think you could give your faithful blog readers just a little hint on what your book is about it? Just one itsy, bitsy little hint!

  5. And now to think where your book is at - done, and ready for the editor! You've come a long ways.

    That view - I miss it! Stunning. :)