Sunday, January 26, 2014

How To Celebrate

What to do when you've just finished writing the first draft of a book?

Go out on Friday night for a root beer float at "Betty Rock" in Jackson!

What to do for an encore celebration?

Go to St. John's Hospital for an MRI the next day.

Oddly it was comforting to walk the halls there, knowing the Lord has led me to seek help here for the neck, shoulder and arm pain I've been experiencing since May (you may have wondered if it happened from all the hours at the computer while I was writing, but actually it started months before I began the book).

Since it was Saturday, it was quiet at the hospital as I found my way to the MRI department. The calm in the halls reflected the peace in my heart as I went through this door.

After changing into a gown and walking through a metal detector (they take security seriously here!), I walked through that door to the left and soon found myself in the MRI tube with headphones on to mask the sound (it didn''s loud!).  The imaging lasted about twenty minutes and then I was done.

I'm praying that the radiologist's report, along with the wisdom of the doctor who will read it too, will give us a clue as to what's causing the ongoing pain, as well as the restless, sleepless nights. I'll see the doctor on Tuesday to hear what they find.

We've walked this type of medical road often over the past twenty years, trying to determine what's going on in one of our family members' body. It's usually a long process so I'm not expecting all the answers on rarely works like that.

But it will be the next step in the puzzle, and that will be helpful I'm sure.

I am celebrating the Lord's presence with me in the finishing of the first draft, and in a visit to the hospital!


  1. Firstly, a very well-deserved root beer float indeed! Secondly, praying - even hourly- for answers. Love you so much.

  2. Praying, of course!! I'm glad to see that the little happinesses are still being provided, and that you're continuing to be joyful even in pain. That's definitely evidence that you're walking in step with the Spirit!!

  3. My phone wouldn't let me leave a comment the other day..... but just wanted to say how glad I am that you've made progress on both of these things! Praying for Dave now!

  4. Congrats on finishing the first draft! I get MRI's every 2 months (just had one yesterday) and I frequently ask why the machine is so loud! I could really get some good naps in, if it weren't for all the jarring noises. I love how they say to hold still. I try to do my best, but from time to time, get startled when a new set our loud noises begins.