Thursday, January 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday

If you're on "Instagram" then you know about "Throwback Thursday". Loosely, it's a way to post old, nostalgic photos.

A social media phenomena, there are over 40 million photos tagged with "tbt"!

My nod to Throwback Thursday doesn't go back too far...just a few weeks, actually. But I didn't want to miss posting some of these special photos from our Patty family reunion in Colorado.

Oh but first, a true "tbt" photo: The 1970's Patty family

That same Patty family today!

  And the four original Patty kids!

 Tyler and Luke - the oldest and youngest Patty boy cousins

 Four beautiful generations: Margaret Patty, Joyce Schroeder, Kerith Cain, Rilyn Cain

Grandpa and Nana with their eleven grandchildren, two grandchildren spouses, and one great-grandchild!

I can't remember when the in-laws started taking our own was several family reunions ago, and now it's tradition. This year we added in two more to our bunch!

We've been known to be a little crazy in our in-law photos from time to time. Oh yes, we do have a good time with each other!

 Handsome boy cousins...

 And the gorgeous girl cousins!

To whomever started Throwback Thursdays: I like you! Thanks for starting something so fun!


  1. Oh yes, the 1970's Patty family picture is very familiar to me. That picture was taken only a few years after Steve told me that if I didn't accept Jesus as my Savior I would die and burn in hell forever. I found out recently that he learned that from Joyce. So wonderful to see how the Patty family has grown.

  2. Ah! I love this, and miss this!! Such good, and sweet memories. I love this family so much!!