Saturday, January 11, 2014

Family Adventure

On this last day of having Caleb and Claire with us here in Wyoming, we had the adventure of a lifetime, thanks to our friends here.

 Yes, a snowmobile adventure in the Tetons!!

What an absolutely exhilarating experience, to climb on a snowmobile and head up into the snowy mountains with these three!

My senses were happily on overload as we cruised on roads (and off-road for Caleb and Dave!), soaking in some of the most magnificent of God's creation that I've ever seen with my own eyes.

And oh the fun of doing it with family too! We all have a deep appreciation and joy for outdoor beauty like this so it was really special to share it together.

Caleb was oh so happy to try out snowmobiling for the first time, and took to it like a duck on water! He's got such a great sense of adventure in him, and truly soaks in these kinds of activities with lots of enthusiasm. So fun to be with him all day!

Claire, Caleb and I all had our cameras as we'd been told by our friends that we'd for sure want to capture this day - I'm so glad we heeded that advice! There were so many places along the way that you just couldn't help but stop to get a photo. How can you resist those snow-laden trees for a photo op?!

 One of the spectacular sights was Granite Falls, which seemingly rises up out of nowhere.

Who can resist a little jumping with a backdrop like that?!

Eventually we reached our destination (though honestly, every bit of the ride felt like it was the destination).

Why is it that a simple picnic lunch tastes gourmet when you're outside?!

Made all the more special by sharing it with a few dogsled teams who were up there as well! I felt like I was in an outdoor adventure movie filmed in the wilds with these beautiful dogs!

But the real gem of the destination was the hot springs that you can go into!

If you've got your swimsuit, towel and five bucks, you can soak in this pool as long as you want amidst the snowy surroundings!

 Pure bliss! The water temperature is 104F, which just feels awesome when the outside temp is 18.

It was definitely hard to tear ourselves away from the simple, pure, unadulterated beauty of those surroundings.

But we will surely remember this day for the rest of our lives. Yes, it was that spectacular!

Caleb and Claire fly out of Jackson tomorrow and head back to Chicago. We will miss them! This has been an incredible three weeks of time with our family, both here and the time we had in Colorado. We're so grateful to the Lord for giving us each other and these weeks together.

In the coming three weeks, Dave and I will get back to writing while we are here in Jackson, with beautiful memories of these past weeks tucked away in our minds.

My heart is so full!


  1. CONNIE!!!! Are you kidding me? Seriously…when you said you feel like you're seeing something out of a move, you aren't kidding. I was already in awe of your surroundings and then you posted the picture of the hot springs! Talk about a day on steroids?!!! Perfect day for you all. I'm so happy for you and with you!

    Thanks for posting the pictures because this time I really mean that the pictures are worth MORE than a thousand words! :o)

  2. This looks so amazingly wonderful!! So glad you got to do this! Wow.

    Now, have an awesome time writing!!

    Love you!