Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Brother and Sister

How special it is to have these two with us in Jackson, Wyoming!

And it's special watching them get some brother-sister time since they've always been buddies, just 21 months apart in age.

I can remember Caleb entertaining Claire when she was still in her crib and could barely crawl up the sides to stand and watch his antics, which always made her laugh!

Now they're out having fun together as adults!

 A friend here (thanks Maggie!) got them set up for some cross country skiing, so off they went!

Out for several hours, they eventually circled around to where we're staying. It was awesome to watch them ski up!

Of course they needed refreshment, so Dave went down and tossed water bottles and snacks to them, which led to Caleb tossing Claire the bottle.

I caught the toss in mid-air!

And caught this moment too...yes, I'm a mom who doesn't get enough of seeing her kids! :) Love watching them together.

Off they went, heading out for a bit more fresh air and views of the mountains here.

Quite a contrast to their regular life in downtown Chicago!

So thankful for the gift of having them here, and seeing them have fun together!

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  1. Soooo fun to see the pictures. And like you, my heart smiles that they get this time together, especially before Caleb gets married. Kindof like old times! Sweet memories for sure! :o)