Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Deepest and Most Heartfelt

I called my mom and dad this afternoon to chat, and somewhere along the way my dad said, "We went out for a special lunch today."

Without stopping to think I asked "Why?"

It was their anniversary today! Look how beautiful, handsome and happy they were on their wedding day!

One of the reasons I was calling them was to tell my mom how great she looked in this photo she sent me today.

They are as adorable now as they were on their wedding day (though Claire wasn't there to get my dad to smile his "famous" grin!! See HERE for a fun post about that!)

When I was visiting them in November I captured a photo of them in Newport, Oregon - it's one of my all time favorites! This totally captures my parents' marriage and love for each other.

They've ever only had eyes for each other! There is hardly a time I call that my dad doesn't tell me how beautiful my mom is, and how glad he is that they're married. And my mom feels the same way about him.

What a great example they've been to me my entire life, of a couple who truly love each other in the deepest and most heartfelt way.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!


  1. I adore your parents and love these photos of them. Happy Anniversary!


  2. What a sweet legacy they've given you. And good genes too! You will age beautifully just like your elegant mom! And oh, your dad's smile in his wedding picture- it's a reflection of his kind winsome spirit. Thank you for sharing this!