Thursday, January 9, 2014

Caleb's Epic 21

Celebrating birthdays in our family has always been a big deal.

But celebrating milestone birthdays is an ever bigger deal. Though Caleb's 21st birthday is still a few days away, he is celebrating today with a really special experience.

Since Ski Magazine just rated Jackson Hole the #1 ski area in the country, it just seemed right for he and Dave to have some sort of ski/snowboard adventure to celebrate this milestone in his life.

What a gift to wake up to fresh powder this morning, the very day that we'd set aside for this day of celebration.

It's definitely "snowglobe" type conditions outside today - perfect for these two who love nothing more than swooshing through powder.

 How cool it was to drive up to Teton Village to drop them off for Caleb's birthday adventure!

The snow just kept falling as they got all their gear ready for the day.

 All that new snow sure adds to the magic of a day on the mountain.

They are going to have such an awesome time celebrating TWENTY ONE years of Caleb's life!

As I watched them head off to the gondola, I can't say that I envied them or wished I was going too - I'm a fair weather skier, at best. But I know this is the perfect kind of day for Dave and Caleb, and that they're going to make some lifetime memories today!

Happy 21st Birthday Caleb!

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