Friday, January 31, 2014

Cause for More Celebration

Dave sent me this photo just a few minutes ago, from up on the mountain at Jackson Hole. What's he doing up there today, besides having a good skiing day?

Well, I dropped him off there this morning after telling him I thought he deserved a celebration day on the slopes because...

He finished writing his book last night!

Even though I was still in the midst of excruciating pain from the migraine, I couldn't miss out on getting a photo from my phone as he was nearing the end.

And a photo just after he typed the last word.

Nine weeks of writing, 176 pages, 69,000 words, and the first draft of his book on connecting with the Father heart of God is complete. 

Definitely cause for celebration!!!!!!

Our friend here in Jackson wrote me this morning after hearing the news and said, "The world needs to hear what God has put on his heart to share!" I couldn't agree more with her.

While other things have been written about God as Father, nothing comes close to what Dave has written. It's the result of study and practical application for the past ten years. It's powerful!

Now we're praying for all that comes AFTER you've finished writing a book. The editing process, figuring out how to publish (he just got a "no" from a major publisher yesterday), and seeing it through to completion...all of that still lies ahead.

But for today, he's up on the mountain, having a great day of celebration for this first milestone in the process.

There's nothing like finishing your first book!

** Three more causes for celebration today**
  • this is my 1000th blog post!
  • my migraine broke this morning after 48 hours of debilitating pain...recovering now
  • our friend is working to get me connected to a doctor in a world renowned neurological clinic in Arizona, where we're headed next. Continuing to pray for the Lord's leading towards help for me
One last photo from Dave about the JH ski area, which is something similar to what I'd say about his book: it is nothing like you've ever read before!


  1. The before last picture = PRICELESS.

  2. Yeah! So happy you are both done with your books and praying for open doors to publishing. And so thankful your migraine is gone. I hope the drs in AZ can find some answers for you.

  3. Happy to hear that Dave is done!

    I just cannot wrap my head around 1000 blog posts! So proud of you and the commitment you have made to Living By Lysa. I know the amount of time you spend on it, truly a labor of love. It would be worth a post to write about how it changes the way you view the you see everything through the lens of the next blog post? Congratulations and keep those blog posts coming!

  4. Does this feel like a long time ago now? And look - you're back with JV in your normal world again! Don't forget those books! ;)