Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve: Reminder of Jesus

Although I already wrote a blog post today, I have one more about Christmas Eve.

Not only about today's, but one that happened six years ago.

That was the day I met this friend.

Ingrid owned an organic cafe here in Frydlant in 2008. On Christmas Eve morning that year, I "happened" to stop by for a latte. I asked for it 'to go', but then ended up talking with her for an hour as I drank it.

And that Christmas Eve conversation over coffee turned into a beautiful, six year friendship with her!

It was so special to have her stop by today, Christmas Eve six years later, and talk about these past years and all that we have walked through together. She is a precious sister in the Lord now, and we share so many similar values, love for people and for Jesus.

And we both love the Maileg rabbits and bunnies, which she blessed me with a new one today!

And not just the bunny but a beautiful handmade dress for her too!

Sharing Christmas love and gifts with my sweet friend brought such joy today.

And this is what I love about Christmas - giving and receiving special gifts that are reminders of the best and most important one: our Savior, Jesus who gave Himself to all of us.

"Thank you for being a beautiful reminder of Jesus today dear Ingrid!"

When I look at my bunny, I'll remember Christmas Eve 2014!

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