Sunday, December 14, 2014

Old and New Memories

When we moved to the eastern side of the Czech Republic twenty one years ago, downtown Ostrava (thirty minutes away from where we lived) was a place that often met our needs.

The only McDonalds in the region was there, along with the Kodak store that developed hundreds of our photos. A meat market that sold hamburger was the only place I could find it, along with the only "mall" in the area (actually just a big department store with little stores in it).

I knew this town quite well "back in the day".

So much has changed here since those early days and sad to say, I hardly ever go downtown anymore.

But yesterday while the sun was shining, and after weeks of being cooped up in the house, Dave and I took a little trip there to visit the Christmas market.

With an outdoor ice skating rink, and all sorts of booths lining the square, we wandered around for an hour enjoying it all.

The cheese speciality shop
Everything you could ever want made from honey, including jars of it
And all sorts of meats if you love that sort of thing!

With blue sky and sunshine, the square was looking its best!

There were quite a few craftsmen at the Christmas market this year, working their trade for all to see.

Including this woman decorating the famous Czech perniky!

Oh yes, and there were animals to see too, though where they found a camel is a good question!

You could get all your mistletoe needs met at the market.

And find some pretty candle/pinecone creations.

Seeing these reminded me of the time years ago when I brought my language teacher what I thought was a pretty flower arrangement, only to be told it was the type that you put on graves in the cemetery.

Live and learn!

If Claire had been with us we would've waited for the man to return to this booth so she could buy roasted chestnuts. (We just may have to make a trip down there next week when she's back from college!)

And if she'd been with us as a little girl we no doubt would've waited here for her to have a ride. Looked like fun for all the kids!

I have so many fond memories in this square, and it was great to be back there yesterday making a new memory.


  1. Hahahah. After reading this again, I have a favorite photo. The picture of the honey stand (well, the honey stand would be enough to make it my favorite), but with the "American" things next to it (donuts, perhaps?)! Hahah! At a Christmas market in Czech, with English writing and an American flag. I just love it.

  2. it makes me miss home real bad! i love Christmas market with the cold crisp this post. thank you. :-)