Tuesday, December 30, 2014

From Family to Family

Sunday was one of those happy days that you want to go on forever.

After leaving home in Czech that morning, we stopped in Bratislava to see family: Mark, Amy, Allyson, Ian, Gavin and of course Haley and Caleb!

Then with Caleb and Haley joining us in the car, we continued on down to Slovenia for more family, this time with our Patty family.

Some fun cousin time!

My precious sister-in-law feeding the whole bunch of us. Bless you Kristi!!

Anyone see a resemblance between these three?! Love seeing these brothers together.

And how fun to have an evening together with Josh and Kristi, Steve and Nicole, who'd been in Slovenia for Christmas!

We even got to go downtown Ljubljana together to enjoy each other and the festive atmosphere...

As well as the gorgeous lights of Ljubljana! What a beautiful city.

After staying up late, because that's what you do with family (!), we woke up to this gorgeous view out Patty's windows. What a treat!

Oh how I loved having everyone gather in the kitchen for breakfast, getting in just a few more minutes of connection with each other. We do like being together!

It just meant so much to soak in family time with these dear ones.

All too soon it was time to leave those dear ones and this pretty sight. Wish it didn't have to end!

"Thank you family for such sweet time together!"

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  1. Awwww! What a fun post! Loved loved loved our time together!