Saturday, December 20, 2014

Arriving Passengers

When Dave and I arrived at the Krakow airport tonight, things were quiet.

A little too quiet, considering we were there to pick up much anticipated passengers.

After a few minutes of wondering why it was all dark behind the arrival doors, we asked what was going on. Due to construction, all arrivals, international and domestic, are coming into the domestic terminal right now.

So off we went, back to the parking garage, into the car, and over to Terminal 1, hoping we weren't late for our arriving passengers.

I love this terminal. Do you see how close you can get when you park?? I am literally standing at our car taking that photo!

Somebody really wanted to go inside the terminal with us, but instead had to be patient and wait to see who it was that was arriving.

The waiting area in this terminal is small, so we were packed in there to wait along with everyone else. Thankfully we'd gotten there before our arriving passengers came out.

Just five minutes later, these people came through the sliding doors.

After nearly twenty four hours of travel, Caleb, Haley and Claire made it safely to Europe!

This is Caleb's first time home in two years, Caleb and Haley's first time here as a married couple, and Claire's first time to come home for Christmas as a college student (we were in the States last year during her first year of college and spent Christmas in Colorado).

So it's a very special time of "firsts" having these three back here on European soil!

And a happy reunion with a certain little somebody who's been waiting for her kids to come back for a long time!

My mama heart is all filled up having these three here at home tonight! I'm looking forward to church with them in the morning, and some gift giving with Caleb and Haley afterward. Then they'll head to Bratislava in the afternoon to be with Haley's family for the coming week. We'll get more time with them over the New Year!


  1. How awesome to see their arrival! Hope you all have a wonderful time together and create some wonderful memories. Merry Christmas!

  2. Ahhh! This makes me SO happy for you!!! Enjoy every single minute!

  3. So happy for all of you! Merry Christmas!