Thursday, December 4, 2014

Keeping Me Company

Waking up with an unexpected sore throat this morning, I've spent the day nursing myself on the couch.

Since morning, I've had lots of warm drinks, a fire burning, a good book and a doggy curled up next to me: everything I need to help while not feeling well.

Everything including this handsome fella.

He showed up this morning in our backyard.

Along with a few of his fine feathered friends.

Yes, this is RIGHT outside my door!

Whose chickens they are, I am not sure. They probably belong to our neighbors.

They were literally here all day. I guess the worms, grubs and bugs in the grass were good eatin' today since the snow melted by early afternoon.

They sure seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I was glad I had my camera handy when they came right up to the door later this afternoon. I literally leaned over the couch and caught them there.

All day they scurried back and forth across the lawn, squawking and clucking as they rooted around in the grass.

They were good company for a day that had to be spent inside while not feeling the greatest.

1 comment:

  1. Haha! At LEAST get some eggs from them, wherever they are!