Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Missing Persons

Back in the fall I wrote HERE about our JV iTeam: who we are and what we do to serve the JV family across Central and Eastern Europe.

At our first meeting last September, after summer break, there were twenty one people gathered together on Tuesday morning for our weekly gathering.

But this morning, we were a bit smaller (and one of those people was a guest!).

The team has not diminished, we're just missing people who are gone for a variety of reasons: in the States for Christmas, sick children, celebrating anniversaries, new babies...all very good reasons!

While most will be back within the next few weeks, there is one couple who will be gone for a while: Mel and Amy Ellenwood.

Like we did last year, they are on home assignment/sabbatical until July 2015. So you won't be seeing much of them here and there on my blog until this summer.

We all miss them, but are glad that after seventeen years of service with JV, they're able to reconnect with their support team, spend time with family in the States, and be refreshed and renewed.

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