Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Letters and Post Offices

These past few days I've sat for hours thinking about the dear people in our lives who encourage, pray, give and stand with us in the vision God called to us here in the Czech Republic, and throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

As I've written dozens of Christmas letters, I've prayed and thanked the Lord for every single person, and felt such emotion over all those beloved people. If you're one of them, THANK YOU! We treasure and value your friendship and partnership so much.

Our post office was a little chaotic today - imagine being a postal worker at Christmas time! Their workload must increase significantly at this time of year.

After waiting in one line for fifteen minutes I was told I had too many things to mail and was sent off to another line.

After waiting there another fifteen minutes, and the line had only moved by one person at each window, I decided to leave and go somewhere else to mail those precious letters.

(Oh, and what you can't see is the line of 8 people still in front of me - I could've been there a while!)

Instead I headed over to a small town that's a ten minute drive away.

There I went into a quiet little post office where I was in and out in five minutes. Glad I remembered it was there! It was a much more peaceful experience for mailing off my bundle.

I left with a feeling of gratefulness knowing our letters are on the way to homes of people we are so thankful for, and who make it possible for us to be here doing what God called us to: bringing the Gospel to a lot of people who need Jesus.

By the way, Dave is sharing the Gospel with someone tomorrow afternoon so please pray for that meeting!

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