Monday, December 29, 2014

Newest JV Family

After a drive yesterday from our home in Czech, we stopped in Slovenia for the night (which I'll write about later), and then this afternoon found ourselves at a mall in Croatia.

But we weren't there to shop or look at Christmas decorations.

We were on the lookout for some special people! Can you see any of them here?

I love seeing that little face pressed up against the glass!

It's our newest JV family, the Hinger's, who just moved to Split, Croatia.

Sorry it's blurry, but I was catching the moment when they spotted us! 

John and Amber, with their four children, moved to Split the week before Christmas to begin a new JV ministry here. They forfeited spending it with their families in the States or Canada (Amber is American, John is Canadian) in order to give their kids and themselves a few weeks to get settled before enrolling their kids in Croatian schools after the holidays have finished. They're all jumping right into life here as they are the only JV family here. But even their kids are excited about what's ahead for all of them!

So sweet to see "old" and "new" JVK (JV kids) together here in Croatia!

Dave prayed for the family in the middle of the mall, asking God to go before John and Amber as they begin a new work here to reach young people for Christ, and for their kids as they begin school soon that they too will be lights for Jesus here.

We are super proud of this family as they take on the task of pioneering a new work in this country! May there be many who come to faith as a result of their lives and testimony of faith.

We love you Hinger family! So glad to see you today!

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