Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Resting and Listening

A strep infection hit me hard over the week-end and I'm still recovering. But to make the best of it, I've soaked in Christmas music all day as I've been resting.

While I could listen to a playlist on Pandora or Spotify, I decided to hunt through our CD's and listen to old favorites today. How comforting that was!

There is one particular CD that just makes Christmas for me: An Angel Tree Christmas

Years ago, when the kids were small, Dave was in the States in December. While listening to the radio in the car, this album caught his attention. It was a project through Chuck Colson's "Prison Fellowship" and his Angel Tree ministry to children of men and women in prison.

The ministry gathered together an incredible team of producers, musicians and singers, and even some of the very children being ministered to, and created this beautiful Christmas album. Dave bought it to bring home to the kids and I and it's been a family favorite since 1996!

Unbelievably today, as I was looking through CD's in our cabinet, I came across two UNOPENED Christmas CD's. I honestly have no idea how they got there or how long they've been there.

But oh how glad I am I opened them! They've been beautiful, cheerful and encouraging to listen to today.

You can find Jim Brickman's CD here. I highly recommend it!

The other one is no where to be found on the Internet! I'll have to hold on to it carefully as it's absolutely beautiful Christmas music. Anyone recognize it or have one too?

As I've rested and listened today, I've also read the Christmas story several times, pondering the gift of Jesus who came as a baby. How utterly grateful I am for the humility it took for him come to us that way, so he would understand us completely.

And yet in his perfection and holiness, he made a way back to the Father for us.

This is the miracle of Christmas.


  1. I know where all of those photos are taken in our house!! Haha. And I WILL BE THERE SOON1

  2. Such beautiful photo's as you tell the stories. Love! And I think those two CD's were part of a Christmas box I sent you! Glad you opened them. :o) Love ya.