Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Surprise of Sunshine and More

It's a rare day when the sun peeks its head out here in our corner of Czech in December. Or January or February, for that matter.

So it's a notable day when the sun is shining bright and early.

But that's not the only reason why I've got a smile on my face bigger than this cute little guy!

Imagine my surprise at 11:26 this morning when I looked at email on my phone and saw THIS!!!

You can't click on the picture to get the video but you can get it HERE!

That's Claire on the video link, decorating a tree at Moody and sharing how she's being equipped for ministry there!

In the article she answers questions like "What's unique about your home country?" and "What passion has God placed on your heart?" I think you'll really enjoy getting a little glimpse into Claire's heart when you read it. You'll also read what she loves in her home country! :)

I had no idea she did this! What a great surprise this morning.

Since Dave's not here, I'll let these two stand in for us to say "Claire, we love that you know the joy of Christ and want to share that with others! And we're so glad you get to study and live in such a great community at Moody during this season of life!!


  1. I received the same email from Moody the morning and watched it immediately! So happy to see & hear Claire this morning.

    Nathan is coming home next week or Christmas and is speaking in high school chapel. I think he should show this video before he teaches as a Moody promo...and so we could see Claire in chapel!


  2. Go Claire!~ This is awesome! What a beautiful piece they did. JOY TO THE WORLD!

  3. Teehee! I still think it's funny that I forgot to ever mention anything about this. I guess I really didn't realize where the video was going!