Monday, January 22, 2018

Claire, Judah, & Asher

While Tyler and Lara were visiting with their friends on Saturday afternoon, Claire and I made our way to a favorite coffee shop in downtown Ostrava to wait for them.

Soon they arrived too, happy to come in from the cold and warm up with drinks and snacks. Claire was all too happy to connect again with these two darling nephews that she's getting to know, now that they live here too.

She was in Chicago when Judah was born, and saw him during his first 8 months of life. But once Tyler and Lara moved to Chattanooga as they raised support to come with JV, she didn't get to see him much.

And Asher, she only met once this past September when he was three months old. So she is soaking in the time with them, making her way into their hearts, and opening wide her own!

It really is so very special to get to share life with this part of our Patty family!!

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