Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Living Room

Welcome to Tuesday's "Obývák", the 'living room' gathering for KAM's first of the year meeting for all those who serve here in Czech with JV.

The Czech team meets every Tuesday throughout the year, as does the International team who serves JV from our town of Frýdlant nad Ostravicí.

But once a year the two teams gather on the first Tuesday of the year for a time of worship, prayer, connection and to share news and updates about our teams.

One of the updates was a thank you to Milan Michalko for his leadership of KAM the past seven years.

The board and leadership team prayed over he and his wife, Zdenka, as they transition into a new role in KAM.

And there was a time of prayer for Dušan and Dana Drabina as Dušan stands in the gap as the director of KAM for the next three months.

During that time the board will actively seek who should lead KAM into the future; Dusan is one of the candidates for that role.

We're so thankful for these leaders who have, and will continue to, stand firm in faith for the work among youth in this country, bringing the Gospel discipleship and leadership training to them.

The team continues to grow and we are also thankful for that!

I remember the days when it was just Dave and I here. What a good thing God has done in 24 years, raising up so many to carry on the vision of a movement of God among the youth in Central and Eastern Europe.

And these two? They are among those who are carrying that vision forward!

Pavla was in our first church in Havířov when we moved here in 1993...she was just a baby! She and Claire have literally known each other their whole lives, though especially became reacquainted when Pavla attended high school at BMA with our kids.

And now Pavla has finished university and is coming onto the KAM team to serve as the manager of communications! She's also the youth leader at the Havířov church where we started all those years ago. I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to see these two, and so many others, going forward with a heart and vision to share the Gospel and be part of God transforming lives!

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